General terms and condition

General, operated by Genetrix Ltd., is a webshop where Customers can order posters. By clicking on the menu in the website footer, all important information can be found related to the webshop, including contact details. Features of the purchased item are available under ”Design”, the same information of business card holders can be found directly in the product description.
The operation of by Genetrix Ltd. shall be governed by and construed in accordance with internal laws.

How to order in the webshop
All services on are available exclusively online through the website. Having an account is not needed in order to purchase, providing delivery and billing addresses is part of the ordering procedure.
The layout of the website provides a fast and convenient way for Customers to find necessary information. It is possible to type in details of the business card, then the categorization of certain graphic design templates makes selecting wallpaper easier in a way that any changes will appear immediately in the preview. If the Customer cannot find any suitable images, adding own pictures is also available. Posters can be selected at any time of the ordering procedure. By changing settings, the calculator updates the order total automatically. The prices on this website are gross prices, including the VAT.
By clicking ”Order”, the Customer has to enter delivery and billing addresses, own e-mailaccount. In order to place and confirm the order, Customer needs to click on ”Order”.

Data entry errors
Data entered on business cards are recorded by Customer through the website on the wallpaper. These data can be corrected at any time until the point of conforming order. Data accuracy and reliability are not verified by the Operator, we refuse to take responsibility for spelling errors. The Customer bears all the responsibility for data entry.
We refuse to take responsibility for the authencity of uploaded pictures. (Customers bear all the responsibility for using images protected by copyright).

Payment terms and conditions
In the webshop we accept payments via PayPal.

Delivery date is within 9-11 working days after confirming order and receipt of payment, which can depend on the workload we have and may change due to any technical problems arising. In case of late delivery, we inform the Customer.
Orders are delivered by Royal Mail to delivery addresses entered by the Customer on working days between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

Right of withdrawal
Under Section 211 of the Civil Code, a person who offers to conclude a contract shall be bound by his offer on account of the nature of online marketing. Under this act that Customer who makes a bid on and confirms the order, cannot withdraw from the order.
The Customer can cancel an order until the order has not entered production process. The Operator has to be informed via e-mail about cancellation within 1 hour after order confirmation.
Should the Customer submit order on our website, under Section 211 of the Civil Code, he is bound to take delivery of our product. Following order submission, the contract comes into force. Both the buyer and the seller have to act according to the contract meaning that the seller is bound to sell the product at the advertised price, and the buyer is bound to buy the product for this given price. If one of the parties to the contract does not perform his obligations, resolving contract disputes and enforce contracts can be done through lawsuit.
Government Decree 45/2014 (II.26) declares under the act on distance contracts that the Customer has the right to withdraw from the contract without giving any reasons within 14 working days. For details of the law above and full format: click here
” Unless the parties have agreed otherwise, the consumer may not exercise the right of withdrawal for the supply of goods made to the consumer’s specifications or clearly personalized or which, by reason of their nature, cannot be returned or are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly.”

Privacy Policy
The present privacy policy (hereinafter policy) contains regulations and information related to handling personal data provided in order submission, other services and for newsletter subscription. By using the service users accept the conditions of the present policy which is available on website of the webshop. The Operator of the webshop reserves the right to change this statement at all times. The Operator acknowledges the content of the present legal statement as obligatory. The Operator is dedicated to provide high quality service, however, we take no responsibility for any loss or damage caused by access to the website.
The Operator’s priority is to keep the personal information made available by the Customer during usage of the webhop, respecting the right of self-government is our top priority. The Operator handles the visitors’ personal data confidentially and takes every safety, technical and organisational actions to guarantee the safety of these data. We outline as follows our privacy policy regulations, introduce those expectations that we have established and met as data handler. Our concept of privacy policy is based upon voluntary agreement on information, we constantly strive for performing it in every phase of using our service. Our policy principles are in accordance with the provisions in force concerning personal data. The Operator handles data in the webshop and any data given will not be issued to a third party without preliminary consent by the Customer. By sending the order, the Customer contributes to forward personal information to the delivery company. Statistics from personal data are issued to a third party solely without information regarding the data provider’s personal identity. It is impossible to reproduce any personal information from the data forwarded in the method mentioned above. Personal data provided in the webshop are not linked with information originating from other information sources. The Operator does not forward user data to third, foreign countries. The Operator keeps reports, analyses made by general statistical methods for an undefinite period of time. Deductions cannot be made regarding the Customer from these data. Giving specific information (regarding race, ethnic origin, support of any political parties, religion, membership of any non-profit organizations, medical condition, pathological addiction, sexual orientation, and criminal record) is not required by the operator of the website. Visitors to the website use services voluntarily.
According to legal authorization, if the operator of the website is bound to provide personal information for public authorities, the Operator meets the claim if all conditions are given. This has to be acknowledged by the visitor and user of the service, no objection can be made.

The Operator receives and replies to questions regarding data modification, request and privacy policy information as soon as possible but within 30 days at the latest. There can be hyperlinks guiding visitors to external websites. The Operator is not responsible for the privacy policy of other webpages. The present statement is restricted to the webshop operated by us.
While visiting our website, the system records users’ IP addresses, which can be used in some cases for tracking down, their operating systems, the browser they use and the addresses of visited pages. Saving data has principally a technical purpose, it is unavoidable in order to operate the system. The further purpose of data recording is to analyse consumer habits, to prepare statistics about the number of visitors to a webpage which provides support for higher quality service. Data occurring in the course of log files analysis are not connected with other pieces of information, the identification of the user is not tracked down.
Data recorded in the course of ordering products are needed and used by in order to perform the order. Details of the bills, which come from orders confirmed on the webpage prepared by certain informatics systems, along with data recorded and given in the case of ordering process are stored for the period of time clarified in the
accountancy act in force. The Customer can request deleting and modifying his data per email at
Matters not specified in the GTC are to be regulated in accordance with the Civil Code of 2013, the directive Government Decree 45/2014 (II.26) on the protection of consumers in respect of distance contracts, and e-commerce services, and information society services on certain aspects of 2001.

CVIII. Act. By browsing the webshop and submitting the order, Customer acknowledges that he has read and agrees to be bound by the General terms and Conditions of
The contracting Parties shall make every effort to ensure that any questions in dispute are settled through negotiation. If a negotiated solution is not possible to settle the dispute, the contracting Parties agree that it shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent Court to which the headquarters of the Provider belongs, in the city of Győr.